Term of Service:

  1. No mining except for Dedicated Server.

  2. All illegal activities are prohibited, such as: hacking, cracking, carding, spamming, phising, gambling, child porn, etc.

  3. Don’t use CPU resource 80-100% for long time, or else it will be rebooted. Repeated violations of this will result in your vps being suspended and no refunds will be issued. The exception applies to dedicated servers where you can use the cpu for the Dedicated Server 100% without penalty.

  4. If you are using IDM, use it normally, don’t download more then one file at the same time, except for Dedicated Server.

  5. Setup SSH or VPN for public consumption is prohibited

  6. Using our vps to be used for public file server is not allowed except for Dedicated Server.

  7. Our VPS using Dedicated IP, any activities you did that make the IP blocked will be excluded from refund.

  8. Any complain from 3rd party regarding your activities will result in investigation and lead to account banned.

  9. You can only run jingling only or ipts only. Running both of them is not allowed except for Dedicated Server.

  10. Using the Service to download or transmit torrents not allowed.

  11. Online/cloud storage syncing not allowed, except for Dedicated Server.

  12. Hosting media streaming server/service  not allowed, except for Dedicated Server.

  13. Violation to the TOS can lead to vps suspension and no refund given!

Terms of Conditions:

We are not responsible for any of our services that used by our clients. All activities and material related to porn, hacking, cracking, carding, phising, spamming, drugs, gambling, copyright infringement, etc are prohibited.

Term of service can be changed anytimes.

Privacy Policy

We will protect your information with our last breath!


  • 7 days money back guaranteed if you are not satisfy with the “1GB USA VPS” service.
  • No refund for Dedicated Server / Baremetal server

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